Mānuka is an extraordinary plant that offers a wide range of environmental and health benefits.

At the beginning of 2018, we discovered the amazing health properties of mānuka essential oil and the role that mānuka plays in the New Zealand environment.

  • Mānuka essential oil, which is extracted from the leaves and stems of the plant provides high levels of antibacterial and antifungal properties, helps the skin to heal, and has a soothing scent. Click here for a full list of mānuka oil health properties.
  • The mānuka plant is the first to grow in a regenerating native New Zealand forest. It provides a canopy cover that creates a safe environment for other native plants to flourish.

We created Manuka Sensations to help bring mānuka essential oil to the world. Our ultimate goal is to bring native forest back to New Zealand by creating demand for mānuka essential oil and sharing the story of reforestation for a greener future.

Welcome to Manuka Sensations.